March 26th, 2010 Ticket Buying Service

***Thanks for checking out my ticket service!  Please note that I have a moved from lj to a personal website for sales!  You can find the ticket service information HERE.  I will still answer any comments left on lj as well, but you should check out the faq on the website!***

Are you coming to Japan and want see you favorite band live on stage but can't figure out how to get tickets?

Then this is the service for you!  I offer ticket purchasing services from the most popular ticket buying site in Japan, for a 20% service fee or 5000yen, whichever is cheaper. I do not offer balloting or auction buying services.

Please note that tickets must be ordered and paid for at least 5 days before the concert date. You should ideally place your order with me at least one week before the concert date for things to work smoothly. After the 5 day mark, the tickets will no longer be available for sale on the site.  Also, please note that tickets are sold individually or in pairs on the site. You may be able to get 3 or 4 tickets together with some luck, but it will require that I place 2 orders via the website and thus the service fees will be applied twice. I accept payment via paypal in US dollars or yen and via furikomi if you have a Japanese bank account.

***Special Note about Arashi Tickets***
Due the high cost of tickets, I will often hit the max spending limit on my credit card (insane, I know!).  It may take me several days to transfer money from paypal into my credit card account so that I can use it to buy your tickets.  To avoid any trouble, I recommend sending your max budget amount to me as soon as possible so that I can start the transfer asap. Any additional funds not used for the tickets would be refunded the day the tickets are purchased. You are not required to do this, it just makes things easier for me and assures that I will be able to buy your tickets without delay. Especially if you are aiming for the cheapest tickets as they will sell the fastest.

How it works:

You tell me the following:
1. what concert or stage play you are interested in
2. the number of tickets you want and whether they must be together or not ( please note that tickets are sold only individually or in pairs on the site, finding 3 or 4 tickets together is very difficult and may not be possible)
3. the date(s), time(s), and location(s) you would like to attend
4. if you have a seat preference (Please note that seat assignments may not be available until 1-2 weeks before the concert, if you want to get a certain seat, you will have to wait until seat information is released. Also, everyone wants the center front seats.  I am willing to try and get them for you, but your budget had better be 100000yen or more.)
5. your total budget  (if your budget is less than the listed price of the tickets, I am sorry, but I cannot help you get a ticket, also, please keep in mind  that the price listed on the site is not the price you will pay, see the sample quote below for fee information)
6. your name and paypal email address
7. address in Japan where tickets should be shipped and what days you will be there, if known (you may provide this at a later date but you must provide it at some point).  If you have a certain day and time you would like the tickets to be delivered, please let me know.  The shipping service I use allows me to set an arrival date and a general arrival time (12-2pm; 2-4pm; 4-6pm; 6-8pm; 8-9pm).  That way you can know exactly when your ticket will arrive and be there to sign for it.

I will check the site and send you a paypal invoice for the cheapest ticket that meets your requirements. Once you pay the invoice in full I will purchase your ticket.  If a cheaper ticket that meets your requirements becomes available by the time I purchase the ticket.  I will refund you the difference. If a ticket at the price quoted is no longer available by the time you pay the invoice, I will send you an additional invoice for the price difference and once paid, will purchase the ticket.

A Note about Paypal: There are 3 ways to pay using paypal.  An existing paypal balance, credit card, or e-check. For large amounts, if you'd like to use a credit card, you typically must use a verified credit card. So, if you plan to pay by card, please try to have your credit card verified before placing your order. See the paypal website for instructions on how to verify your card. If you pay by e-check, I will not purchase your tickets until the check has cleared. It normally takes 7-10 days for the check to clear so please keep this in mind when placing your order as any tickets quoted may be sold during the wait period.

A Sample Quote with Fee information:
Ticket cost on site: 7500yen
Website service charge of 5% (min. 500yen charge): 500yen
Shipping to your address once in Japan via Express/Registered mail: 700yen
My service fee: 1600yen
Paypal fee of 5%: 515yen
Total in yen: 10815yen
Total cost in US dollars: $150 (Please note that the total cost in US dollars is dependent upon the current US/yen exchange rate)

1. Please note that all sales are final. Even if a cheaper ticket becomes available, after I have purchased a ticket for you, I cannot provide a refund or price adjustment.  If you end up unable to go to the concert for whatever reason (including flight problems, travel plan changes, visa issues, failure to find the concert venue, etc.), if the concert is canceled or the date is changed, if you do not like the seat assignment of a ticket purchased before seat assignments are known, or if you get refused entrance to the concert for whatever reason, I will not provide a refund.

2. Ticket will be shipped via a service that requires signature delivery. If I ship the ticket to the address you specify and the post office tries to deliver it but for some reason you are unable to sign for and collect it by the concert date, I will not provide a refund.  I will also not provide a refund if you specify the wrong address or if you fail to provide me with an address. If you are not in when the tickets are delivered, the post office will leave an item undeliverable notice and it will be your responsibility to call them and schedule a re-delivery. There is a number to call for English assistance listed on the notice.  If the tickets are being sent to a hotel, it is possible that the hotel may be able to sign for them, but each hotel may have a different policy regarding this, so please check with them.

3.  I am acting as an agent between you and another seller.  I cannot be responsible for the ticket seller's actions.  If they fail to ship the ticket, or they change their mind about selling the ticket, there is nothing I can do. This has happened 3 times in the past  4 years I've used the site and it really sucks but it is one of the big risks you take when buying tickets online. If the ticket seller for some reason cancels the transaction, does not send out the ticket, or falsified the ticket information, you will receive a refund in full. I can also try to get you another ticket, but it may not be possible if the concert/show date is close.  Please understand this.

4.  If you are buying a fan club ticket, I will need to know the address of where you will be staying the week prior to the concert. Most fan club tickets do not ship until right before a concert. This means you may not get your ticket in hand until as few at 1-3 days before the concert.  I do not need your address information at the time of ticket purchase but will need the information before you fly to Japan. If you do not know where you will be staying during that week time frame before the concert, it may be difficult for me to mail you the ticket and thus I ask that you refrain from using my service.

5. When I get confirmation that the ticket has been shipped to me by the ticket seller, I will contact you.  I will also contact you once I have your tickets on-hand.  If I get the tickets early, I am more than happy to ship them to your home country at your request via EMS for an additional fee.  However, it is more risky than shipping the ticket within Japan and you do so at your own risk.  If the tickets gets caught up in customs, lost, or delivery is attempted and you fail to collect the tickets before leaving for Japan, I will not provide a refund.

6. If you do not understand all the terms and conditions listed above, please do not use my ticket service.

7. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions listed above, please do not use my ticket service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Serious buyers only please. I have helped quite a few people purchase tickets.  You can check out my feedback here. I don't work through 'friends' or a 'supplier' and handle all orders personally from start to finish. You may contact me by leaving a comment below, sending a PM, or via email at I am able to respond to email the fastest.  You do not need an lj in order to use the ticket service.  This service is also available not only for JE bands, but any ticket for sale on the site.  However, I am only familiar with JE fan club rules so if you want to buy any non-JE fan club ticket, you are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations of said FC. All comments will be screened to protect buyers' personal information.


Comments in this post will remain unscreened and unedited (except for my own posts should I need to reply to any comments).  Comments not related to buying and selling, such as spam, will be deleted.

If you have previously purchased any goods or concert tickets from me, please take the time to comment and leave some feedback!

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I offer 4 types of shipping EMS, registered Airmail, registered SAL, or unregistered Airmail. EMS, registered Airmail, and  registered SAL offer tracking numbers and are safe and insured shipping options. They also require signature upon delivery. If you fail to sign for the package and it is returned to me, you will need to cover the the cost of re-shipment.  EMS is an express mail service and your goods should arrive an estimated 2-4 days after being shipped. Airmail is a semi-express mail service and your goods should arrive an estimated 1-2 weeks after being shipped. SAL is a standard mail service and your goods should arrive an estimated 2-4 weeks after being shipped. Unregistered Airmail does not offer insurance or a tracking number so please understand that if you opt for unregistered Airmail I cannot help you if your package ends up lost or damaged in the mail. Once you receive your goods please....

Leave me some feedback

You can find my feedback post here.  Not only will your information help other buyers, but it also helps me know that you have in fact received your goods.

And that's how it works!  Please let me know if you have any questions about the process and be sure to check out the faq.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Place an Order

Place your orders here or by emailing me at aminjapan(at)gmail(dot)com.  Please include the following information:

1. Paypal address:
2. Contact email (if different from paypal address):
3. Items you want to purchase/order:
4. Country item will ship to (plus State/Area if from the US/Australia):
5. Type of Shipping desired: EMS (expensive, 2-3 days delivery, insurance, and tracking), Registered Airmail (less expensive than EMS, more expensive than SAL, 1-2 weeks delivery, insurance, and tracking), Registered SAL ( less expensive, 2-4 weeks delivery, insurance, and tracking). For orders under $50 USD, I also offer Unregistered Airmail but it does not offer insurance or tracking so I recommend using a registered option.

The prices listed on the site do not include shipping or a 5% paypal fee. I only accept payment via paypal or via furikomi for those with a Japanese bank account. Once you place your order, I will provide you with a quote that includes all costs.  If you are pre-ordering goods I will do my best to provide an accurate estimate.  If the shipping ends up being less than my quoted price, I will refund you the price difference.  If it ends up being significantly more than the quoted cost, I will send you an additional invoice to cover the extra fees. Goods will ship directly from me in Japan to you so no need to worry about a middleman.

Once you confirm the quote is okay, I will send you a papal invoice.  I expect payment to be complete within 3 days of sending the invoice.  All pre-orders must be paid before the stated pre-order deadline. I will ship to the address sent with the paypal payment so if you want the goods sent to another address, please tell me. Please note that I do not accept returns and do not offer refunds if you decide to change your mind after sending in payment.

I do not offer holds.  Goods will be sold to the first person who sends payment.  Serious buyers only please.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thanks in advance for your order!

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What type of payment do you accept?

I only accept payment via paypal, where I am a verified member. I only accept payment in US dollars or yen. Prices on my site are in dollars, so just ask if you are interested in paying in yen and I'll let you know the total cost in yen.  I may consider accepting concealed cash, but it is at your own risk. I cannot accept Western Union as the closest location to where I live is almost a 3 hour, 3000yen, one way trip to get to.  If you live in Japan, I accept payment in yen via furikomi (bank transfer). For non-preorder items meet-ups are also possible at my convenience. Payment is due in full before any goods will be shipped.  I do not accept partial payments for goods, but am willing to accept payment for goods and then a later payment for shipping per request. I also do not accept returns or offer refunds once an order has be paid for.

What type of shipping do you offer?

All goods will ship directly from Japan to you. I offer 4 types of shipping:
1. EMS is the most expensive but quickest and safest option. It offers 2-4 days worldwide estimated delivery, insurance, and a tracking number.
2. Registered Airmail is a mid-range option.  Less expensive, but slower than EMS.  More expensive, but faster than SAL. It offers 1-2 weeks worldwide estimated delivery, insurance, and a tracking number.Please note that packages over 2kg cannot be sent via airmail. If your order weighs more than 2kg, you may opt to ship your items via EMS or have your order split into 2 packages to be sent via Airmail.
3. Registered SAL is a safe and economical option. It offers 2-4 weeks worldwide estimated delivery, insurance, and a tracking number.  Please note that packages over 2kg cannot be sent via SAL. If your order weighs more than 2kg, you may opt to ship your items via EMS or have your order split into 2 packages to be sent via SAL.
4. Unregistered Airmail is the cheapest shipping option and is only available for packages of $50 USD or less. It offers 1-2 weeks delivery but does not have a tracking number or insurance.  It is the most unsafe of all the options I offer as there is nothing I can do should the package become lost or damaged.  Please note that packages over 2kg cannot be sent via airmail. If your order weighs more than 2kg, you may opt to ship your items via EMS or have your order split into 2 packages.

I do not like to send anything unregistered or un-tracked for the protection of both buyer and seller. I have just recently opened up unregistered airmail as an option for orders of $50 USD or less. Proof of shipment and a tracking number will be provided for all registered and EMS packages but not for unregistered airmail. Packages with a tracking number require signature upon delivery. If you fail to sign for the package and it gets returned to me, you will be responsible for covering any re-shipment costs. I am not responsible for packages that are lost or damaged in the mail.  Registered mail and EMS offer some form of insurance, but I cannot guarantee that the post office will provide a refund and can only provide you with a refund if one is provided to me. Unregistered airmail is no insured. I am also willing to do a meet up in the Tokyo area, at my convenience, for those living in or visiting Japan.

Occasionally a package may be delayed due to customs or security checks. There is nothing I can do in this situation. You are welcome to track the status of your package using the tracking number and may also call your local post office to inquire about the status of the package.

What is your packaging like?

I do my best to package all items as safely and securely as possible. Pamphlets, uchiwa, photos, fliers and other delicate items ship with cardboard backing. All items are typical wrapped with bubble wrap and mailed in either a box or cushion envelope. I typically choose sending items in a cushion envelope whenever possible as envelopes are treated with more care than boxes by the post office and because they are not as heavy as boxes, which helps you save on shipping costs. Orders with 3 or more uchiwa, or uchiwa along with multiple other items ,must typically be shipped in a box simply due to their size. All posters ship separately in triangle poster tubes purchased at the Japan Post. 

If you have any specific packaging requests, I am usually happy to fulfill them. Most goods are sent marked as a gift with the full cost of the goods noted on the customs form.

Even with the effort and care I take in packaging the items I send, sometimes items do get damaged in the post. Uchiwa and posters tend to be the items most prone to damage.  Should any of your items become damaged in the mail, you are welcome to seek compensation from the post office as all packages I ship are insured, however, I cannot guarantee that the post office will provide a refund of any sort.  Should you wish to file a claim, please start the process in your home country.  Should you need any information from me, just ask!  Also, occasionally it is necessary for buyers to cover various customs fees for larger/more expensive orders.  I am not familiar with all the customs procedures for the many countries I ship to, so you will need to check with your local post to ask about any customs fees you may incur.  Buyers are responsible for covering any and all customs fees.

What sets you apart from other LJ sellers?

There are quite a few decent sales journals out there to choose from.  I like to think what sets me apart from the others is the speed at which I work.  I am able to respond to most order inquires and questions within 24 hours. Because I do not work via a supplier, and handle all orders directly, I am able to ship orders quickly.  For pre-orders, goods typically ship directly to you no later than 4 days after the concert/purchase date and on-hand goods usually ship no more than 2 days after receiving payment. I am also able to accept requests for 'only available in Japan' goods and can occasionally visit stores physically if you have something in particular that you are looking to buy (past examples have been trips to Janji, a limited time only FTIsland shop, Comiket and Bodyline)

Do you offer an auction bidding service?

I do not offer an auction bidding service at this time. It is somewhat of a hassle to monitor auctions, most of which finish midnight or later, and go to the bank in order to pay for winning bids. I do not have time for it given my work schedule.  I do occasionally accept requests to bid on certain items if I feel the max bid price is adequate to win the auction.  I also almost always accept requests to purchase items that have a 'buy it now price'. There are fees involved, so please ask for a quote if you are interested.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me by leaving a comment or via PM.  I can also be reached at aminjapan(at)gmail(dot)com. I am able to respond to email the fastest.  For emergency situations, you can email my cellphone at aminyamajapan114(at)ezweb(dot)ne(dot)jp.
If you contact me via my cellphone, please, please, please, keep in mind the time difference between where you live and Japan.  If you wake me up at 3am I will not be happy about it.

Where do you live?

I live in a tiny little prefecture called Yamanashi in Japan.  It's takes about 2.5 hours for me to reach downtown Tokyo by local train.  If you ever come to Japan, give me a shout.  I love to meet up with fellow JE fans.  I have already managed meet ups with several other JE fans and have always had a great time!

Tell me about yourself?

I currently teach English in Japan.  I like to travel and am an avid photographer.  My favorite JE bands are KAT-TUN and Arashi.  My favorite band members are Akanishi Jin and Ohno Satoshi (though Aiba sometimes takes his place). I have recently also started getting into NEWS and Kanjani8.

Can I friend you?

Yes!  You are more than welcome to friend me, but I do not friend back as I do not check the friends page of my sales journal. Friending my journal is the fastest way to see what goods I am selling which is helpful because many times goods will sell only a few days, or even a few hours after I post them.  However, I often update goods in batches so your friends list may end up flooded from time to time. You have been warned!

I have a question that I do not see listed here.

If you have any additional questions, please leave a comment below!