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Just a heads up for those of you who didn't realize.  I now do all of my sales exclusively on I only use this lj to post to je_sales now. I will still answer any comments or PMs I receive but if you want updates on what I have available and what pre-orders I'm running, please check my website, friend me on FB, and/or follow me on twitter!


Arashi Popcorn Pre-order!

If you haven't yet, please check out my Arashi Popcorn tour preorder here!  Previews are currently available for all goods! If you want the venue limited Osaka Earphone Jack, you need to order no later than November 16th.  The deadline for all other goods is December 13th!

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Kanjani8 Matsuri Goods Pre-order

I am doing a very short and very limited preorder for the K8 Matsuri goods. It seems the sale of goods will be quite limited, so I will only be accepting orders for up to 8 of any item. Also, prices are a bit higher than normal due to the limited nature of the goods. You can check out the order here. Previews will come out on the 4th. I will try to add them, but I will be very busy that day so it may be best to try and find them on your own! The deadline to order is August 4th by midnight. That only gives you 48 hours to order from the time this is posted!

Yamapi Ero Goods Pre-order

The pre-order for Yamapi Ero Tour Goods is now up and running.  Please use my new website to place you order.  You can find the goods and order here!  I have posted preivews both on the ordering site and under the cut! Please check them out!

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Summer Pre-order Season!

I have a ton of new pre-orders running as well as a bunch that are coming up!  Check them out on my new sales site!

Kanjani8 Eight Ranger Movie Goods and Pamphlet: Two deadlines as the goods will release on 2 dates.  First deadline is July 27th at midnight and the second deadline is August 7th at midnight. I suggest ordering early in case goods sell out!

Arashi 24 Hour TV Goods: (Batch 4) The order deadline is August 10th by midnight.

Kisumai Shop Limited Wanna Beeee!/Shake It Up Single: Order deadline is August 1st. Comes with a changing cover, pouch, and special message.

Hey! Say! JUMP Tour 2012 Goods: Order deadline is August 16th by midnight. I will buy goods at the Nagano venue on the 18th and 19th.

Playzone 2012 Goods: Order deadline is August 2nd by midnight.

Johnny's Shop Photos and Goods: Next visit is August 4th! The order deadline is August 3rd by midnight.

Upcoming preorders:
Summary 2012 (ABC-Z and Sexy Zone) Goods
Yamapi Ero Tour Goods
NEWS Concert Goods
Kanjani8 Matsuri Goods (if a goods list is provided)

Kagiheya Goods Pre-order now open!

I think Arashi is trying to crush us all with a massive wave of new goods!  Kagiheya now also have goods available to order!  Check out the pre-order and previews here!  Sadly, the buzzer thing has already sold out online, but I am hoping that they will re stock or that I can pick some up at the store rather than ordering online.